Information – Complaints & Compliments

How to Compliment a 9-1-1- Center Employee

Ozark-Dale County E911 welcomes and encourages members of the public and public safety community to comment 9-1-1 Center employees for a job well done.

It is the policy of Ozark-Dale County E911 to handle compliments received from the public [by letter or electronic mail] in the following manner:
  • The compliment will be forwarded to the Director’s office for review.
  • A copy will be forwarded to the employee and his or her immediate supervisor.
  • The original document will be placed in the employee’s personnel file.
  • Award recipients are recognized at daily roll calls.
You are invited to forward your compliments by e-mail to Please include as much information about the incident and the employee as possible (e.g., name, date/time, employee’s name, nature of the incident, etc). If you prefer to address your compliment in writing, you may send it to:
Ozark-Dale County E911
119 West Reynolds Street Ozark, AL

Complaint Process

Ozark-Dale County E911 is committed to providing the highest level of service to our citizens and stakeholders. To that end, an obligation exists to our employees, the public safety agencies that we support, and the citizens of Dale County to investigate allegations of misconduct or substandard performance.

Ozark-Dale County E911 accepts complaints against itself (e.g., 911 Center policies and procedures) and any of its employees, and will investigate all complaints to the appropriate disposition. A complaint may be given to the department by any means to include in person, by telephone, or by letter. Anonymous complaints will be accepted.

A complaint is defined as: an allegation of circumstance[s] amounting to a specific act or omission which, if proven true, would amount to employee misconduct; or an expression of dissatisfaction with a policy, procedure, practice, philosophy, or service level of the agency. Complaints should concisely and specifically describe the conduct that was found to be improper and should include the date, time, and circumstances of the contact. Please include a daytime telephone number where you may be reached.

Written complaints may be mailed to:
Ozark-Dale County E911
119 West Reynolds Street Ozark, AL 36360

All complaints will be thoroughly investigated by the appropriate supervisor. You may receive a follow-up contact by telephone, mail, or e-mail to clarify specific issues. The supervisor will interview employees, witnesses and review reports, computer records, and telephone/radio audio recordings. At the conclusion of the investigation, a finding will be determined and you will be informed of the outcome.

Further information regarding the Ozark-Dale County E911 Commendation and Complaint Process may be obtained by calling the Administration at Ozark-Dale County E911 at 334-445-9444 ext. 21.